The importance of using the right shoes

We have all heard that the foot is the second heart of a person, so it is very important to wear the right shoes and take care of the health of our feet, because the wrong shoes will definitely damage our feet and cause us problems.

So we must be careful in buying shoes and know what shoes fit our feet and keep in mind that the quality and fit of shoes are a priority when buying. (Of course, beauty is also very important)

A good shoe, in addition to making walking and running easy and enjoyable for us, can help us maintain good foot health.

Shoes may actually be the most important part of a person’s clothing, as no other clothing should fit snugly and perform important mechanical functions such as weight transfer.

Aside from the immediate discomfort of the foot, improper or incorrect footwear can lead to problems in the lower legs, knees, buttocks and back.

Improper shoes cause excessive pressure on the ankles and many other problems. So join us to read tips on buying the right shoes.

What I want to sya that when youre looking to buty shoes, the price is not the most important factor. Quality is. Go for big brands like New Balance, Reebook or hey dude. If this is too expensive for you, you can find alternatives for these brands: Hey dude knock off, alternatives for new balance or for Reebook.

The most important task of proper shoes

The most important function of shoes is to protect the foot and prevent it from being damaged, but unfortunately many shoes damage the foot. Improper shoes are one of the most important causes of many foot diseases and can cause diseases such as big toe deviation, big toe abrasions, corns, hammer toes and toenails. Apart from beauty, shoes should also be durable and comfortable.

The most important criteria that we must pay attention to when buying a suitable shoe are:

  • The older you get, the bigger your feet will be. So try it every time you buy shoes.
  • Women should not wear shoes with heels higher than five centimeters.
    Buy shoes in the evenings because your feet are bigger in the evenings.
    The shoes should fit both the toe and the heel area and the size of your foot.
  • Wear both left and right shoes and try on. In many people the size of the legs is different. Buy a shoe the size of a larger foot and put a thin insole inside the shoe where the smaller foot goes.
  • When standing up to try on shoes, there should be one centimeter of space in front of the shoe and in front of your longest toe.
    Walk a few steps with your shoes to make sure it is comfortable.
    Suitable shoes
  • Your criteria for choosing the size of the shoe should never be the number written on it. These sizes vary depending on the shape and manufacturer of the shoes. Always put on your shoes and try them on.
  • Choose shoes that fit your feet as much as possible.
  • Make sure your toe is the size of your toe and not too tight. The toe is the widest part of the foot and the shoe. Do not buy sharp shoes with tight toes.

Never buy tight shoes and do not think that the shoe gradually opens up when worn. The heel of the foot, while it should feel comfortable in the shoe, should also be fit. The back of the shoe should completely cover the heel of your foot and not allow it to slip and move in the shoe. The heel of your foot should not come out of the shoe while walking.
When your foot is in the shoe, you should be able to easily bend and straighten your toes.
When to buy shoes!
Buy the right shoes
It is advisable not to buy shoes in the morning because, usually during the day, the feet become swollen due to prolonged standing and walking a little.
In other words, it can be described that during the day, due to the gravitational effect of the earth, blood collects in the lower parts of the body, especially the legs, and this causes swelling of the legs.
This causes the legs to be slightly larger in the afternoon and at the end of the day.
Now, if you go to the store in the morning and buy shoes that are exactly the size of your foot, it may bother and put pressure on your foot when you reach the end of the day.
So it is better to buy shoes at the end of the day so that you do not face such problems.


Be sure to wear socks when trying on shoes

Otherwise, the shoe you put on without socks may be exactly the size of your foot, but if you wear the shoe with socks, it will look tight.

Most people think that the size of two human feet is equal, but this is a misconception and in fact many people do not have equal feet.

It is very important to pay attention to this point when preparing shoes. Because it warns you to wear both shoelaces, otherwise if you have to try only one shoelaces, this shoe must be related to your bigger foot.

Another important point is to always go shopping for shoes yourself and do not leave it to someone else.

In addition to issues related to your personal interests and tastes regarding the choice of shape, form and color of shoes, you must be present to try the shoes yourself, both in terms of beauty and quality or in terms of the suitability of the shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions that may be in the mind of every person to buy shoes

How to choose a shoe?
Look for shoes that:

  • Have a firm back. Hold the heel in one hand and the shoe on top of the heel in the other. You should not be able to move the shoe around the heel.
  • Have a small amount of torque. Hold the shoe on both sides. You should be able to rotate it slightly.
  • Bend where your toes bend.
  • Provide arch support. If the shoe does not have arch support, add an extra arch. Check that the arch rests in the shoe without squeezing the toes or slipping the shoe off the heel.
  • They are wide enough and long enough on the toes. Do not push or pinch your toes.
  • Feel comfortable immediately.

When to change shoes?

Look at the heel. Most people wear the heel over time. When the heel is angled, it changes every step you take and can cause pain in the leg or back. Shoe repair shops may be able to repair heels. If not, change shoes.
Running shoes. They cause pain before they have a covered appearance. This is because they lose the ability to absorb shock. The instructions for changing shoes are running every 564 to 805 kilometers. Running shoes that are more than a year old may also cause pain due to changes in the sole exposed to moisture or heat. Use running shoes only for running and this will increase the life of the shoes. Old running shoes can be used for walking.

What are the right shoes?
Our pediatricians are often asked what are the right shoes? The shoe should only be bent where the toe starts and the big toe is bent. The shoe should have enough cushion so that the foot does not walk directly on the ground. This protects and absorbs impact to the foot.

What shoes are suitable for the feet?
The best shoes for your feet

Standard heels. Instead of high heels.
sport shoes. While sneakers are generally supportive, most sneakers are six months or 805 kilometers long because of the softness of the shoes.

Is walking barefoot harmful for the legs?
Walking barefoot, in addition to causing body aches, exposes our feet to bacterial and fungal organisms that can infect the skin and nails. These organisms can lead to infections that alter the appearance, smell and comfort of the foot.

Shoes suitable for children

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