How to find the best shoes at a cheaper price?

In order to have the air of our second heart, we must be careful in buying shoes. We spend hours in the shoes during the day and not using the right shoes will definitely be harmful to our physical health. Especially sports or sneakers that if not chosen properly, our sports not only do not benefit, but also harm us. How and with what criteria you buy sneakers is a topic that we want to address.

What sport and activity do we want our shoes for?
The first thing we need to pay attention to is knowing what kind of activity and where we are buying the shoes for. Are our feet supposed to be in shoes all day? Want to run or walk? Do we just want to dress up or are we going to go hiking with it?

If you have knee pain or you get tired with a little walking:

Airmax or encapsulated shoes are shoes that are very suitable for throwing feet while running and walking due to their outer lodge. These shoes prevent foot injuries, and people who have knee pain or discomfort while walking should not neglect to buy this type of shoes. These shoes also prevent rapid foot fatigue and allow you to walk longer.

If you move on uneven surfaces:

If you are one of those people who do not follow professional sports, but on weekends you go to the mountains and plains and walk on uneven surfaces, it is better to use sneakers that have legs to completely cover the ankle and from Prevent your foot from twisting.

If you are walking or running:

Do not forget that hiking boots are different from running shoes. Running shoes have a stronger lodge than walking shoes, and walking shoes have a softer and more flexible lodge. But sometimes people prefer to use shoes that are more comfortable on their feet because of the different shape of their feet. It may be easier for a person to walk in running shoes, and vice versa. So when buying sneakers for running or walking, first of all shoes should be tested on the foot. If the person completely covers the foot and the person feels comfortable, choose the desired shoe safely.

Markers should read

Nike and Adidas are among the most famous and oldest brands in the world, which are very famous for their amazing variety of products and sports shoes. The price range of the two brands is almost the same, but due to different tastes in styles, one person may be a Nike fan and another person an Adidas fan. The minimum price of these two brands in Iran and Tehran markets is 120 dollars and its price ceiling is up to several million Tomans! Of course, we have to pay attention to the fact that the cheaper prices have fallen in price due to the old model of the shoes, and since the new models have replaced the previous models with new options, it is natural that they are cheap. If only the brand of the shoe and its reasonable price are important to you, look for older models.

Hey dude is also one of the famous brands of sports shoes, which has made a lot of money because of its walking shoes. The price range of this brand also starts from 80 dollars. The cheapest of this brand are casual and ordinary shoes, and the more items the shoes have, the higher the price. For example, alternative shoes for hey dude walking and running are about 40 dollars – this is almost half price for a shoes with aalmost the same quality!

New Balance is another good sports shoe that starts from about 260 dollars and can be found in the market for one million tomans.

Sketchers also produces shoes for running and walking and its price is from 110 to 140 dollars.

The famous All-Star or Converse All-Star shoe is also known to every young person, and because it does not have a suitable sole for long walks and running, it is mostly used for everyday wear. The price of these shoes is from 300 thousand tomans to one million tomans.

How do we know if our sneaker brand is genuine or counterfeit?
Sporty branded shoes have an ID inside that we can go to the relevant shoe site and enter the ID that is written on the label of that shoe; Make sure it is original. When we enter the shoe code on the site, the type and appearance of the purchased shoe should be displayed for us. Otherwise, the purchased shoes are counterfeit and your head is covered!

The more money we pay to buy sneakers, the more suitable shoes we get?

We do not have to pay a lot of money to buy a suitable shoe, but if we want to buy a shoe that has a high durability and meets all the standards of a good sneaker, it is better to go to reputable dealerships instead of going to regular shoe stores. . The prices may be higher in the dealerships, but we are sure that the shoes we buy are reliable in terms of the materials used in them, as well as in terms of international standards.

But it is not always true that “if a shoe is expensive, it means that it is a comfortable shoe.” It may be a very ordinary shoe, but because of its beautiful appearance and different design, it is more expensive than a shoe that is comfortable and light but has a simple appearance. So to buy a comfortable shoe, the price should not be the criterion.

What are the characteristics of a good sneaker sole and upper?

One of the most important things about a good sneaker is the sole of the shoe. A shoe that has a medical sole has the best performance. Usually good medical soles are PU soles and thermo soles. If the sole of the shoe; It is standard and suitable for the foot, it does not hurt the foot. Because it covers the entire mold of the foot, the sole of the foot is in perfect health and can stay in the shoe for hours without any discomfort. The soles of most sneakers are either made of plastic or woven. When buying, you should pay attention to its material, which is made of organic materials so that it does not crack during the winter and does not loosen during the summer, and if it is made of textiles, it should not tear easily. The shoe should not be too tight for our feet to bother the sixty feet, nor should it be so loose that the foot is completely free in the shoe.

When to buy sneakers from the day?

If we go to the shoe store in the last hours of the day, we may not have a good and interesting purchase. Because everyone’s feet swell at the end of the day because of the activities they do during the day, and if you wear shoes that fit your size, it goes wrong that the shoes hit your feet and are too small for you. So our suggestion to you is to go shopping for shoes during the day when you have not walked much and have not been very active during that day, and one important point, if the seller says “it opens up”, make a purchase!

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